Day trip: Cadaques

day trip Cadaques

If you are looking for an unforgettable day trip, we would like to introduce you to beautiful Cadaqués. This picturesque fishing village on the Costa Brava is a true gem waiting to be discovered. In this blog, we will tell you all about how to reach Cadaqués, the best time to go, the activities you can do and some recommended restaurants where you can enjoy delicious Catalan food.

How to get here.

To travel to Cadaqués from Can Jan Vives, it is best to go by car. It is a beautiful drive of about 1.5 hours. Enjoy the picturesque scenery along the way and make sure you plan your route before you leave. Alternatively, you can use public transport, such as trains and buses, to travel to Cadaqués.

Cityscape of a Cadaques, Spain with traditional white wall buildings by the seaside

The Best Time to Visit Cadaqués

Cadaqués is charming all year round, but the summer months, from June to September, attract many visitors due to the warm weather and long sunny days. If you want to avoid the crowds and enjoy a quieter experience, consider going in spring or autumn. Spring (April and May) and autumn (October) still offer pleasant weather and are perfect for quiet exploration.

Activities in Cadaqués

1. Cadaqués offers a range of activities for all types of travelers:

Visit the Salvador Dalí House-Museum: This famous artist spent a lot of time in Cadaqués, and his former house is now a museum celebrating his life and work. Feel Dalí’s artistic spirit as you explore his studio. Ready to discover Dalí’s surreal world?

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Explore the Cap de Creus Natural Park: This beautiful natural park offers a spectacular landscape of rugged coastlines, hidden coves and breathtaking views. It is ideal for hiking and enjoying nature.

Beaches and Water Sports: Cadaqués has beautiful beaches, such as Playa Gran, where you can swim and sunbathe. Also try water sports such as kayaking and snorkeling.

Walk to the Cap de Creus Lighthouse: Take a walk to the iconic Cap de Creus Lighthouse for panoramic views of the coastline.

Patatas bravas with ajoaceite, Spanish tapa

Recommended Restaurants in Cadaques

Cadaqués is also known for its delicious cuisine. Here are some recommended restaurants where you can enjoy Catalan dishes:

Compartir: A trendy restaurant serving shareable dishes with fresh ingredients. Try their seafood and local wines.

Can Rafa: A charming restaurant overlooking the sea, known for its grilled fish dishes and paella.

Els Pescadors: A classic seafood restaurant with a wide selection of fresh fish and shellfish.

Talla: This cosy restaurant offers traditional Catalan dishes with a modern twist. Don’t forget to try their desserts.

Café de la Habana: For a relaxed atmosphere and cocktails overlooking the sea, this is the perfect place.

In short, Cadaqués is an enchanting destination you must experience. Whether you like art, nature, good food or just relaxation, Cadaqués has something for everyone. We hope you enjoy your day trip from Can Jan Vives to Cadaqués!



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